Trading Post Fletched Gold Tip Traditional .006 (500) [30" length] (FIVE pk)Item Number: ARROWTP-10
$69.50 $49.99
Made in the US
Trading Post Fletched Gold Tip Traditional .006 (500) [30

Trading Post Fletched Gold Tip Traditional .006 (500) [30" length] (FIVE pk)

Item Number: ARROWTP-10
$69.50 $49.99
Made in the US

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Gold Tip Traditional .006 (500) [30" length] ( FIVE pk) white hens, inserts NOT installed =49.99. Limited supply. First come, first served. No backorders.

Gold Tip has long had a reputation for strength and accuracy. That's why 3Rivers Archery is offering Gold Tip Traditional Fletched Arrows.

These Sturdy Gold Tip Traditional Arrows are fletched with three 5" shield Left wing TrueFlight turkey feathers for the perfect balance of speed and stability. The cock feather is traditional barred and the hen feathers are white.

If you like the look of wood, but need the strength of carbon, Gold Tip Traditional Arrows offer the best of both worlds! Gold Tip Traditional Arrows have 100% carbon construction with a wood grain finish that traditional bowhunters cannot resist, and at a weight that most traditionalists require. Fletched with quality TrueFlight turkey feathers! Combine this shaft with Gold Tip's customizable weight system and the Gold Tip Traditional is certain to take its place at the front of your quiver.