Titan Compact Back QuiverItem Number: 6237
$20.99 $20.99
Titan Compact Back Quiver

Titan Compact Back Quiver

Item Number: 6237
$20.99 $20.99

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Wherever you go your Titan compact back quiver is a reliable companion from the start of your adventure to the end of the trail. The Titan is not only easy to carry, it's also compact and efficient, able to hold up to 14 arrows.

The Titan back quiver is designed to be slung over your shoulder and is useable by both right and left-handed archers. The padded shoulder strap is adjustable and designed to hold your arrows at a slight angle. This keeps your arrows handy and easy to remove without worrying about them falling out. The semi-rigid nylon construction ensures durability and flexibility.

Measures approximately 19". Can easily be stored and transported in your bow case when not in use. Comes in black with orange accents.

This is an amazing, high quality, inexpensive quiver, perfect for adult and youth archers alike!

  • For both right and left-handed shooters
  • Padded, adjustable shoulder strap
  • 19" long
  • Holds up to 14 arrows
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm