SRF Sighting System - Optical Flat BlackItem Number: 8175X
$23.99 $23.99 - $54.99
Made in the US
SRF Sighting System - Optical Flat Black

SRF Sighting System - Optical Flat Black

Item Number: 8175X
$23.99 $23.99 - $54.99
Made in the US

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SRF bow sights are a revolutionary sighting system designed specifically for bowhunting. They allow rapid target acquisition, instantaneous range adjustment, and the ability to track moving and even flying game. The SRF is a true instinctive sight with no marks and no numbers. There is no calculation required. You simply acquire the proper sight picture and release the arrow.

These sights do require practice to use well, and are not a cure for poor form. They will, however, take your shooting to another level if properly used. They feature all the advantages of barebow instinctive shooting combined with the precision of a sight.

The SRF is available in 3 profiles to fit any trajectory and range group. Please read the Buyers Guide before ordering to insure you choose the right option. People who want to experiment can purchase the full set of 3.

These sights are machined from ¼" 6061-T651 alloy and hardtype III anodized. The studs are high strength stainless steel with brass and phenolic locking hardware.

The SRF is available in "optical flat black" (OFB), or in OFB with a green luminescent back ring that glows softly in low light conditions. Click here to see the Luminescent SRF Bow Sights. The SRF system in the optical Flat Black (OFB) finish and can be used in either right of left handed bows. Each aperture comes with adjusting nuts. Choose the aperture size from drop down.

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Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm