Springy Arrow RestItem Number: 35595X
$67.99 $67.99
Made in the US
Springy Arrow Rest

Springy Arrow Rest

Item Number: 35595X
$67.99 $67.99
Made in the US

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The Springy arrow rest is a simple design that offers less contact with the arrow, providing a cleaner release and less impact on arrow flight. It also helps absorb and correct shooting flaws, such as straightening the arrow after a bad release, or correcting arrow flight after torquing the grip.

The Springy arrow rest is great for a fix crawl or string walking because you get forgiveness and consistency in the downward force typical of those shooting styles.

Features 5/16" X 24 threads for easy installation into your plunger bushing. You can use the included Allen wrench to make micro adjustments on the center shot, and to change out the springs.

A cool feature of the Springy is you can buy different weight springs to experiment with your set-up, adding or reducing tension. We recommend a spring between 15 to 25 ounces. In most circumstances 10 (the lightest spring) will be too weak and 30 (the heaviest spring) will be too heavy. If you are unsure start with a 20 ounce spring, as this will work for most shooters.

The Recurve model is mainly for recurves and older compound bows that do not have the offset in the riser.

Comes with Springy arrow rest, one spring, two custom machined spacer washers, and one Allen wrench. Choose from 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 ounce springs for a right or left handed bow.

For bows cut past center, it is highly recommended you use two washers.

Spring Arm Recommendation
Bow Weight Spring Arm Color
10-20# 10 oz. Black
15-30# 15 oz. Gold Irodine
25-40# 20 oz. Cad Silver
35-55# 25 oz. Black
50-70# 30 oz. Cream Gold
This chart is a recommended starting point
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm