Soft Kisser ButtonItem Number: 40982
$8.25 $8.25
Soft Kisser Button

Soft Kisser Button

Item Number: 40982
$8.25 $8.25

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Consistent form is key for accuracy. The Soft Kisser Button is a simple and ingenious way to develop the proper draw and form.

Simply install the Soft Kisser Button on your bow string as you would a silencer or dampener. Make sure it is even with your mouth or nose as you draw your bow string. As you draw your bow you'll know you've achieved full draw when the Soft Kisser touches the corner of your mouth or the tip/side of your nose (depending on your preference).

Great when used in combination with one of our clickers. Perfect for new archers trying to develop proper form. Buy a couple extra to share with your buddies on the archery range.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm