Simple Universal Leather Muzzleloader SlingItem Number: MS-1074
$19.99 $19.99
Made in the US
Simple Universal Leather Muzzleloader Sling

Simple Universal Leather Muzzleloader Sling

Item Number: MS-1074
$19.99 $19.99
Made in the US

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There's no better feeling than walking the trails with your trusty muzzleloader. This quality leather muzzleloader sling ensures you'll always have your black powder rifle at hand.

The Universal Leather Muzzleloader Sling is the perfect blend of tradition and comfort. Designed for those who appreciate the classic touch while valuing functionality, this sling combines timeless aesthetics with modern convenience.

Crafted with precision and care, each sling is made from top-quality, genuine leather that exudes an aura of authenticity. The rich, supple leather not only showcases your appreciation for tradition but also promises exceptional durability that will stand the test of time and the elements.

The Leather Muzzleloader Sling features adjustable straps, ensuring a secure and snug fit for your firearm. You can move confidently through rugged terrain and dense woods, knowing your rifle is comfortably and securely attached to your body.

Whether you're stalkinggame, traversing uneven terrain, or simply enjoying the outdoors, this versatile sling keeps your muzzleloader close at hand while allowing you the freedom to move naturally. The adjustable length provides customization to suit your preferences and style of hunting.

A simple, yet effective design, this sling is universal and will fit any muzzleloader rifle. Simply slide the barrel of your muzzleloader into the loop end, and place the butt end of your rifle into the pocket on the opposite end.

Elevate your hunting experience with this meticulously crafted Leather Muzzleloader Rifle Sling.

The sling measures approximately 43" long x 1-1/4" wide, with a 5" wide x 4" deep pocket. Can be folded up for convenient storage when not in use.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm