Screw-In Field Point Test Kit - 11/32" DiameterItem Number: CF-T
$7.99 $7.99
Screw-In Field Point Test Kit - 11/32" Diameter

Screw-In Field Point Test Kit - 11/32" Diameter

Item Number: CF-T
$7.99 $7.99

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The perfect solution for arrow tuning at a great price. As you change point weight on your arrow you change the dynamic spine of the arrow. Heavier weight weakens the spine and lower weight stiffens it. The goal is to have an arrow properly spined so it flies perfectly straight and hits the target straight (no kick to one side or the other).

Each test kit comes with one-each of precision 11/32" screw-in steel field points. Kit includes 1 each of: 100 grain, 125 grain, 150 grain, 175 grain, and 200 grain screw-in steel field points.

Machined steel field points with 11/32" ferrule to match today's larger diameter carbon and aluminum arrows. These Field Points (AKA field tips) are extremely durable, and feature a bullet nose tip for easier pulling out of targets.

The 8-32 thread on these screw-in field points is an industry standard, so they should screw into any insert that accepts a screw-in point, regardless of shaft diameter. Will notwork with Easton Deep Six inserts.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm