The Scouting Guide to TrackingItem Number: 7946
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The Scouting Guide to Tracking

The Scouting Guide to Tracking

Item Number: 7946
$17.75 $17.75

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For generations the Boy Scouts of America have trained and prepared our youth to master the outdoor skills of our forefathers. The Scouting Guide to Tracking contains many of those time-honored secrets.

You'll learn how to track big and small animals over all different kinds of terrain, including desert, forest, snow, and grassy areas. After reading this book you'll be able to determine the age of tracks, how to recognize the distinctive marks of different species, and much more. Plus, you'll learn such stalking methods as cold hunting, camouflaging, and the stump method.

Every page is packed with valuable information, practical tips, full color pictures, illustrations, and diagrams. You'll "Always Be Prepared" with this amazing guide in your bookcase.

168 pages. Paperback. Dimensions: 7" x 9".

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm