Outdoor Knots Second EditionItem Number: 9020-15
$9.50 $9.50
Made in the US
Outdoor Knots Second Edition

Outdoor Knots Second Edition

Item Number: 9020-15
$9.50 $9.50
Made in the US

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If you spend any time in the outdoors you need to know a thing or two about knots. This waterproof guide to Outdoor Knots shows you how to tie more than 50 commonly used knots, perfect for the hunter, fisherman, or general outdoorsman.

With detailed illustrations, descriptions, and classifications, this guide not only shows you how to tie knots, but suggests which knots are best for specific situations.

Waterproof brochure. Perfect for outdoor use. 11 pages of content with color illustrations and instructions for 55 unique and useful knots.

Outdoor Knots - Knots covered

Bowline Knot Clove Hitch Knot Rolling Hitch Knot Taut-line Hitch Knot Constrictor Knot Slipped Constrictor Knot Half Hitch Knot
Two Half Hitches Knot Round Turn & Two Half-Hiches Knot Quick-Release Hitch Knot Trucker's Hitch Knot Reef Knot/Square Knot Figure 8 Loop Knot Sheepshank Knot
Sliding Knot Albright Special Knot Surgeon's Knot Carrick Bend Knot Overhand Knot Figure 8 Knot Double Overhand Knot
Ashley's Stopper Knot Slipped Overhand Knot Transom Knot Figure 8 Lashing Knot Prusik Hitch Knot Munter Hitch/Italian Hitch Knot Alpine Butterfly
Slip Knot Water Knot Bowline-on-the-bight Knot Blake's Hitch Knot Klemheist Knot Shorten a Rope Knot Grapevine Knot/Double Fisherman's Knot
Suicide Knot Eye Splice Knot Heaving Line Knot Monkey's Fist Knot Anchor Bend Knot Mooring Hitch Knot Cleat Hitch Knot
Canoe Hitch Knot Buntline Hitch Knot Running Bowline Knot Improved Clinch Knot Palomar Knot Non-Slip Loop Knot Blood Knot
Nail Knot Uni Knot Arbor Knot Perfection Loop Knot Surgeon's Loop Knot Dropper Loop Knot

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm