Omnivore Split Finger Calf Hair Clicker TabItem Number: 5934X
$65.99 $65.99
Made in the US
Omnivore Split Finger Calf Hair Clicker Tab

Omnivore Split Finger Calf Hair Clicker Tab

Item Number: 5934X
$65.99 $65.99
Made in the US

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Oh no! It happened again! Just when you needed control and good form the most, your target panic ruined everything. But don't worry. Omnivore has created a new Split Finger Calf Hair Clicker Tab designed to help you fight target panic.

This amazing tab instills good, consistent form. Plus, it gives you a controlled shot, which can make all the difference on the range or in the woods.

The clicker is actually built into the tab. Simply press the light, audible clicker while engaging back tension. This will help control your target panic as well as improve your form.

Few materials offer shooters a smoother release than calf hair. A calf hair facing paired with a sturdy leather liner makes for an excellent shooting tab, offering the perfect blend of performance and protection.

Omnivore's Quivers uses only premium saddle grade 4 ounce leather. It's sturdier and thicker than other types of leather, offering better protection and more durability.

Omnivore's Quivers hand cuts, stitches, and dyes all of their tabs right here in the USA. As these are handmade tabs they may be a bit stiff when first purchased, but they break in very quickly.

The cord attachment system allows for easy-on/easy-off use. The split finger design is ideal for target shooters who require long range accuracy.

Available in right and left hand in Large (2-3/4" x 3") and X-Large (3" x 3"). Please specify.

Sizing Chart
Size Height Width
Large 2-3/4" 3"
X-Large 3" 3"

Color may vary.

See 3Rivers Archery Glove/Tab Sizing Information

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm