Nock CollarsItem Number: 4921X
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Made in the US
Nock Collars

Nock Collars

Item Number: 4921X
$15.99 $15.99
Made in the US

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Tired of arrow nocks flying off while stump shooting or breaking arrows by striking another arrow's nock at target practice? Is the jackhammer effect of arrow Weight Tubes causing your nocks to shoot out? Arrow Nock Collars are the perfect solution! They keep your nock in place and protect your carbon arrows from splitting or cracking from other arrow impacts.

We have relabelled our sizing of nock collars so they apply to more arrow brands. Please use the charts below as a guide. Collars weigh approximately 5 grains each. Sold by the dozen only.

The Inside Diameter (ID) of each nock collar is listed so you may match it up with your arrow shafts Outside Diameter (OD). All collars will have a tolerance of +.001", but will not be under. It is recommended to epoxy nock collars in place, it fills in any space between the collar and the shaft due to tolerance differences.

Note: The outside diameter of the Arrow Dynamics wood grain shafting varies by a few 1000ths due to the wood grain graphic wrap. Therefore some point collars will slide on, and some will require more pressure to install. On the tighter ones, use sandpaper to sand over the leading Outside Diameter edge of the cut to length shaft, start the carbon collar, then apply pressure against a hard surface to push the collar on. Do not over apply pressure as you can break your carbon shaft.

Charts are subject to shaft and collar tolerance differences.

Nock Collar
(in inches)

Easton / Beman Shafts Spine Weights
  600 500 480 400 340 330 300 250
3Rivers Traditional Only
A B   C D   D  
Axis Full Metal Jacket
  --   -- --   --  
Axis Full Metal Jacket Dangerous Game
            -- --
ST Axis N-Fused Realtree APG
  --   -- --   --  
A A            
    A A   --    
    -- --     --  
MFX Classic
-- --   -- --      
ICS Bowhunter
  --   B C   C  
-- indicates no current size fits

Carbon Express Shafts Spine Weights
  75 90 150 250 350 450
-- B D D --  
PileDriver Hunter
      -- -- --
Maxima Blue Streak
    -- B --  
-- indicates no current size fits

Arrow Dynamics Shafts Spine Weights
Lite Trad  
-- --  
Lite HH Heavy
-- -- --
-- indicates no current size fits

Gold Tip Shafts Spine Weights
600 500 400 340 300 1535 3555 5575 7595
          C C D --
Traditional XT
          C C D  
B C C D          
-- indicates no current size fits
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm