Nickel Combo Field Points, 6-packItem Number: 0968X
$6.99 $6.99
Nickel Combo Field Points, 6-pack

Nickel Combo Field Points, 6-pack

Item Number: 0968X
$6.99 $6.99

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Don't you love it when two great things are combined into something even better? These nickel-plated steel screw-on combo points blend the best of bullet points and field points.

A combo point has a nice rounded body like a bullet point, but it gently curves into a strong pointed tip like a field point. As a result, combo points look great, fly great, and do less damage to your targets.

You'll notice the difference as soon as you shoot the arrow. Combo points are aerodynamic, giving you improved accuracy and less drag in flight. They also pull out easier from 3D and foam targets, making them ideal for target shooting.

These combo points are made from steel by expert craftsmen in Italy, and they're nickel-plated, so they resist rust and oxidation. Feature a 5° glue-on taper that is threaded for an even more secure hold. 

Use the Screw-On Point Mounting Tool to install your combo points. It's a great way to get a secure fit without damaging your point or your arrow shaft.

Sold by the 6-pack. Available in 5/16"( 80 grains) and 11/32" (100 and 125 grains). Please specify.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm