Nicholson #49 & #50 Bow Building RaspsItem Number: 9949X
$74.99 $74.99 - $159.99
Nicholson #49 & #50 Bow Building Rasps

Nicholson #49 & #50 Bow Building Rasps

Item Number: 9949X
$74.99 $74.99 - $159.99

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Seasoned bowyers agree, Nicholson bowmaking rasps are the best!

If you've ever used a Nicholson #49 or #50 bowmaking rasp you already know how easy they make the bowmaking process. There are two rasps to choose from. The Nicholson #49 is more coarse than the #50 and is best used when you're hogging off lots of material fast. Think of it as your 'rough shaping' rasp. The #50 is less coarse and is especially useful for final shaping and blending of the handle area and the flares, and for controlled stock removal on the belly during the tillering process.

Caution! You don't need a lot of pressure! These rasps remove material quickly.

Both the Nicholson #49 and #50 rasps are hand-cut and as such they remove stock very quickly while leaving the surface much smoother than you would expect. This is especially nice when building self bows. These rasps are very sharp and built to last a lifetime.

Hand-cut rasps are more expensive than machine stamped rasps, but the performance is so much better it's well worth the extra investment. These Nicholson rasps are the bow maker's favorite tools.

When considering the tools that need to be in your bow building tool kit, there's no question, at least one Nicholson rasp is a must. Each rasp is approx. 10" x 7/8".

Buy both Nicholson #49 & #50 rasps and save! We all know quality tools don't come cheap, you really get what you pay for. Since we feel every bow builder's kit should include both rasps, we decided to offer you a discount if you buy them both at the same time.

We recommend the use of a file/rasp handle on every Nicholson rasp. Click Here to see our file/rasp handles.

Clean your Nicholson rasp often with a file/rasp card. Click Here to see our file/rasp cleaning tool.
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  • Must have tools for bow building
  • Sharp Hand-Cut Teeth
  • Buy both and SAVE!

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm