Muzzleloading Powderhorn KitItem Number: MS-1028X
$50.99 $50.99
Made in the US
Muzzleloading Powderhorn Kit

Muzzleloading Powderhorn Kit

Item Number: MS-1028X
$50.99 $50.99
Made in the US

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A powder horn was an essential part of early Colonial America and used throughout our history. Commonly found during the French and Indian War, the American Revolution, and the Mountain Man era, the powder horn is used to store gun powder, keep the powder dry, and assist when loading the gun. Having a powder horn handy was essential for anyone using a black powder weapon. Now you have the chance to make your own powder horn from this kit and finish it in any way you please.

Many of our pioneeer ancestors started engraving and etching their powder horns through a technique called scrimshaw. This process reveals a lot of interesting personal, historical, and/or geographical information, lending a unique personal touch to each horn.

One of the difficulties when making a powder horn is installing the base plug and ensuring a smooth airtight fit. Another difficulty is drilling the hole into the cavity. Both of these difficult tasks have been done for you, making theentire process easier. The kit comes with a fiddle peg style stopper to keep the powder from falling out and a brass ring to make it easier for attaching a sling. It makes a great kit for the novice and the experienced builder alike.

These kits are offered in left or right handed so that the selected horn has a curve that conforms more to your body as you wear it slung over your right or left shoulder.

  • 8" to 10-1/2" curved horn
  • Walnut (or cherry based on availability) base plug
  • Rosewood fiddle peg stopper
  • Brass finial with ring
  • Leather Strap
  • Solid brass nails
  • Complete Instructions
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm