Whistling PointsItem Number: 63304X
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Whistling Points

Whistling Points

Item Number: 63304X
$4.50 $4.50

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Hear the call of the ancient East! Whistling arrows were an important communication tool used by the Huns and other eastern tribes in battle.

These whistling points help you recreate those ancient times. They are a great novelty item, perfect for Medieval reenactments and Renaissance Faire archery events.

Not to be used for hunting.

The points are brass with aluminum ferrules that can be unscrewed for cleaning.

The screw-in model weighs approximately 145 grains. The 5/16" glue-on model weighs 120 grains. The Glue-on model requires a 5 degree point taper. Screw-in is a universal thread to fit today's aluminum and carbon arrow inserts.

Sold by the each. Available in Glue-on and Screw-in. Please specify.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm