Maple-Curly Laminations For Bow MakingItem Number: 4500-17
$33.99 $25.00
Made in the US
Maple-Curly Laminations For Bow Making

Maple-Curly Laminations For Bow Making

Item Number: 4500-17
$33.99 $25.00
Made in the US

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Curly Maple Laminations. Create your one-of-a-kind, masterpiece bow with these exotic hardwood laminations from around the world. Each pair of precision lams is approximately 1½" wide, 36" long, starts with a butt thickness of .065", and tapers .001 per inch. Some species are hard to find and difficult to keep in stock. To make it easier to browse all the different species we've listed them separately.

Sometimes called Flame Maple, Curly Maple is prized for its beautiful appearance. It is often used in the manufacturing of musical instruments and fine furniture. Curly Maple was also used in making the stocks for Kentucky rifles during early westward expansion in the United States. A really great way to add a touch of history and class to your bow.

Tip: Use maple or other easy to get wood for the core and finish your bow with impressive natural wood under the back and belly glass.
  • Maple-Curly
  • Butt Thickness: .065"
  • Approximately 36" X 1½"
  • Sold by the pair

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm