Leather Mini-Punch SetItem Number: 15520
$17.99 $17.99
Leather Mini-Punch Set

Leather Mini-Punch Set

Item Number: 15520
$17.99 $17.99

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It's 6 tools in 1! The Leather Mini-Punch set lets you swap out different size punch tubes on the handle so you have more options in your leather working.

Perfect for leather workers who use a variety of different punch holes in their leather craft.

Simply screw the required size punch tube into the handle and tighten it using the provided wrench. Unscrew and install a different size punch as needed.

Comes with six metal punch tubes in the following sizes: 2/25" (2.0 mm), 1/10" (2.3 mm), 3/25" (3.1 mm), 1/7" (3.5 mm), 4/25" (4.0 mm), and 1/5" (4.8 mm). Comes with a 3" long metal handle, and 1-3/4" long wrench.

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