Korean KTB Deluxe 3K 50" Carbon BowItem Number: 2436X
$349.99 $349.99
Korean KTB Deluxe 3K 50" Carbon Bow

Korean KTB Deluxe 3K 50" Carbon Bow

Item Number: 2436X
$349.99 $349.99

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Smooth curves. Superb performance. Quality construction. The Korean KTB Deluxe 3K Carbon Bow embraces the tradition and history of Korean archery, while also taking advantage of modern materials and bow building techniques.

This bow is beautiful to behold, featuring the trademark curves of a Korean bow with a traditional wrapped fabric finish showcasing attractive designs. The wrap not only looks stunning, it also helps protect the limbs from scratches and dents.

The Korean KTB 3K Carbon 50" Bow is individually hand-crafted using hard maple, carbon, and fiberglass. This bow is easy to draw and features amazing power and performance.

Suitable for right or left hand shooters, and be be used with or without a thumb ring.

Comes with a Fast Flight bow string.

Available in pull weights of 35, 40, 45, 50, and 55# @ 31". Please specify.

  • Draw Length: 31"-33"
  • Pull Weight: 35, 40, 45, 50, 55#
  • Bow Length: 50"
  • Material: Hard maple, carbon, fiberglass
  • Bow String: Fast Flight
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm