Infitec Window Clicker Draw CheckerItem Number: 3557-01
$13.99 $13.99
Infitec Window Clicker Draw Checker

Infitec Window Clicker Draw Checker

Item Number: 3557-01
$13.99 $13.99

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Develop perfect form and work towards Olympic level accuracy with the Infitec Window Clicker draw checker.

The Infitec Window Clicker is great for target archers who want to achieve flawless shooting form! As you draw your bow the clicker rides against your arrow until your arrow runs out, the Infitec clicker slaps against your bow's riser to let you know when you have come to full draw. This will help you develop muscle memory for consistent professional shooting form. Does require that your arrows are short enough to sit within your arrow shelf, or that your bow has a clicker bar that extends out past the bow.

This stainless steel spring clicker has a practical design that's easy to install and use. Features four adjustable height positions with approximately a 1" range (longest being 3¾", shortest being 2¾"). Attaches to your bow's sight window clicker hole. Includes a 6 x 32 mounting screw.
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm