Hurricane Single Bevel 3-Blade Screw-In BroadheadItem Number: 57951X
$52.99 $52.99
Hurricane Single Bevel 3-Blade Screw-In Broadhead

Hurricane Single Bevel 3-Blade Screw-In Broadhead

Item Number: 57951X
$52.99 $52.99

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Ozcut Broadheads have harnessed the power of a hurricane! The Hurricane single bevel broadhead is a devastating 3-blade broadhead featuring a revolutionary offset blade design that provides deadly accuracy and bone-busting results.

The Hurricane's patent pending offset blade technology means the broadhead actually continues to rotate after it hits its target, burrowing through flesh and bone for deadly results on even the most tenacious of big game. Don't let the small 3/4" blade length fool you. This is a killer broadhead with field point accuracy.

Ozcut has designed the Hurricane with no vents, giving it deadly silent flight from the moment it leaves the string to the moment it strikes your prey. The aggressive Tanto tip splits bone and renders muscle. Features a single right wing bevel with a 30° angle.

The Hurricane features a 1-1/8" cutting diameter pre-sharpened and hunting ready right out of the pack.

Ozcut Broadheads has a slogan: "Failure is not an option!" With the Hurricane Broadhead success is the only option.

Sold by the 3-pack. Available in 125 and 150 grains.

  • Patent pending offset blade design
  • Single right wing bevel with a 30° angle
  • Pre-sharpened
  • No vents
  • Tanto tip
  • 1-1/8" cutting diameter
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm