Hawkwood 3-Point Back QuiverItem Number: 8528-01
$124.99 $124.99
Made in the US
Hawkwood 3-Point Back Quiver

Hawkwood 3-Point Back Quiver

Item Number: 8528-01
$124.99 $124.99
Made in the US

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Sir John Hawkwood was one of the most cunning military geniuses of his time... a leader who inspired awe and fear in Kings, Popes, and Peasants alike. The secret to his success was his reliance on the English longbow. Our 3Rivers Hawkwood 3-Point Back Quiver was inspired by this legendary mercenary and the archers under his command.

The adjustable 3-point connection system gives you stability as you stalk the woods or walk the range. You can adjust the straps for the perfect fit. The metal clips allow for easy wear and removal.

Made from quality dark brown leather overlaid with lighter brown accents. The design embroidered onto the accent leather adds a touch of Celtic charm. Features sturdy brass buttons for style and authenticity. The metal buckles and clips are durable and reliable for years of use.

This quality all-leather quiver is perfect for medieval reenactments, Renaissance Faires, or shooting competitions.

For right or left handed shooters. Holds a dozen arrows. Measures 22" deep.

  • Beautiful All-Leather Construction
  • Brass Buttons
  • Metal Fixtures
  • Adjustable 3-Point Strap
  • Holds a Dozen Arrows
  • 22" Deep
  • Made in the USA
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm