Gettin Stickbow Close 2 DVDItem Number: 7370-1
$16.99 $16.99
Made in the US
Gettin Stickbow Close 2 DVD

Gettin Stickbow Close 2 DVD

Item Number: 7370-1
$16.99 $16.99
Made in the US

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Gettin Stickbow Close 2 invites you to come along with Steve and Jim on another journey hunting whitetails across the United States, from New Jersey, to Montana, to Kansas. Their goal has always been to bring you traditional bow hunts as they actually happen, no frills, no added in scenes, you experience the hunt as it actually happens! Steve and Jim feel they have learned a lot from their 1st production, Gettin Stickbow Close, and they believe it shows here in Gettin Stickbow Close 2 DVD!

Gettin Stickbow Close 2 may not be something you'd see on TV, but it's real, honest, and the way it actually happened. Eight successful hunts with Five Pope & Young quality bucks. 102 minutes long.
    Bio- Jim Purcaro:
  • 25 years of hunting
  • Five years strictly traditional
  • Memberships: Life Member NRA, Life Member Traditional Archers of New Jersey, Life Member United Bowhunters of New Jersey, Life Member Quality Deer Management and Life Member North American Whitetail, Associate Member Pope & Young, Pope and Young Museum Supporter, NRA Political supporter.
    Bio- Steve Stivaly:
  • 23 years of bowhunting experience
  • 15 years strictly traditional
  • Memberships: Traditional Archers of New Jersey, United Bowhunters of New Jersey, Pope & Young Club, Boone & Crockett, NRA

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm