Gamegetter XX75 Shaft Test KitItem Number: 6790-5
$16.50 $16.50
Made in the US
Gamegetter XX75 Shaft Test Kit

Gamegetter XX75 Shaft Test Kit

Item Number: 6790-5
$16.50 $16.50
Made in the US

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This Gamegetter XX75 test kit offers you the chance to "test drive" 500, 400, 340, and 300 grain aluminum shafts.

Gamegetter gives you the best of both worlds with a state-of-the-art aluminum shaft that blends strength, flexibility, and affordability into a knock-out package!

If you've been shooting aluminum shafts, then you'll still be able to pick your favorite size. 500=2016 (10.6 grains per inch). 400=2117 (12 grains per inch). 340=2315 (11.7 grains per inch). 300=2317 (13.3 grains per inch).

Plus, you'll benefit from the strength of the XX75 alloy... 96,000 psi. The Gamegetter's UNI Bushing also allows you to adjust nock alignment. The XX75 Gamegetter is easy to tune, and comes with the Super Nock installed, and inserts are included. The Gamegetter also accepts Bohning Signature Nocks.

We recommend 5/16" points with the 500 shafting, and 11/32" points with the 400, 340, and 300 shafting.

The simplicity of carbon sizing and the affordability of aluminum shafting! The XX75 Gamegetter is the perfect shaft for any shooter, whether you prefer recurve, longbow, or compound.

On the range or in the woods, you've got game with the Gamegetter!
  • XX75 Alloy, 96,000 psi
  • Adjustable Nock Alignment
  • Super Nock Installed
  • Nock color yellow - subject to change without notice
  • Inserts Included
  • Easy to Tune
  • Sold in four packs

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm