G5 Striker V2 3-Blade Screw-In Broadhead, 3-packItem Number: 46051X
$44.99 $44.99
Made in the US
G5 Striker V2 3-Blade Screw-In Broadhead, 3-pack

G5 Striker V2 3-Blade Screw-In Broadhead, 3-pack

Item Number: 46051X
$44.99 $44.99
Made in the US

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G5 has made their Striker V2 Bigger, Better, and Stronger than ever before! These devastating 3-blade broadheads are designed to fly true and deliver maximum damage to big game, with a massive 1-1/4" cutting diameter.

You'll notice bigger, bolder blood trails and quicker game retrieval with Striker V2 Broadheads. These broadheads are 100% steel tough, with a machined steel ferrule and ultra sharp Lutz blades. They will survive the toughest challenges in all kinds of environments and weather conditions. The Anix blade locking system gives you precision blade positioning as well as convenient blade replacement.

The three replaceable blades measure approximately 1" long. The 5/16" diameter ferrule features standard 8/32 threads.

Includes a broadhead wrench.

Sold by the 3-pack. Available in 100 and 125 grains. Please specify.

    Striker V2 Specifications
  • 100 and 125 grains
  • 1-1/4" Cutting Diameter
  • 100% Spin Tested
  • Three Replaceable ultra sharp Lutz blades
  • Machined steel ferrule
  • Anix Blade Locking System
  • 100% Steel Tough

Replacement blades are sold separately.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm