Fletch Shafting Service (Must Purchase Feathers Separately)Item Number: FLETCHX
$19.50 $19.50 - $49.50
Made in the US
Fletch Shafting Service 
(Must Purchase Feathers Separately)

Fletch Shafting Service (Must Purchase Feathers Separately)

Item Number: FLETCHX
$19.50 $19.50 - $49.50
Made in the US

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Using the 3Rivers Archery Arrow Builder, you can now customize your own arrows online! This amazing, intuitive tool makes it easy! You'll be able to actually see what your fletching combinations look like on your shaft. You can also select the type of shaft (wood, carbon, aluminum), shaft model, inserts, nocks, weight tubes, collars, points and broadheads. The Selection Expert keeps you from selecting components that don't match, so you're guaranteed a perfect custom arrow from nock to point!

And you can choose to build the arrows yourself or let the Experts do it. Just choose the desired services when creating your arrows.

Start custom building your arrows now, with The Arrow Builder!

Note: You must purchase feathers and shafts in order to get this service.
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm