Essential Muzzleloader .50 Cal Starter KitItem Number: MS-1150
$94.99 $94.99
Essential Muzzleloader .50 Cal Starter Kit

Essential Muzzleloader .50 Cal Starter Kit

Item Number: MS-1150
$94.99 $94.99

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Whether you're just starting out in muzzleloading or are an experienced black powder expert, this Essential Muzzleloader .50 Cal Starter Kit is a great way to keep important gear all in one convenient set.

The MTM Muzzleloader Dry Box lets you store all of the included gear. That makes for easy organization and transport. Plus, by buying all of the gear in one kit, you'll save money as opposed to buying all of the gear separately.

While this kit does come with a lot of equipment, you'll need to buy your own black powder, percussion caps/flints, and other miscellaneous products separately.

Each kit comes with one each of the following:

Muzzleloader Dry Box
The MTM Muzzleloader Dry Box is a controlled environment, allowing you to store your black powder supplies and protect them from moisture and the elements. Made from sturdy plastic, thisdry box is durable yet compact.

Powder Measure with Funnel
This solid brass tool features a non-spill swivel spout allowing you to pour your powder charge directly into the bore of your muzzleloader. The spout automatically levels the charge when closed.

Traditions Pillow Ticking Patches .50-.54 Cal. (100-pack)
Pillow Ticking Patches have a classic look and design. Long favored by black powder enthusiasts for their high thread count and tight weave, they are perfect for use as round ball patches.

Traditions .50 Cal Rifle Lead Round Balls (20-pack)
These .50 cal. lead muzzleloader round balls from Traditions™ Firearms are a classic traditional design made for today's black powder enthusiasts.

Bullet Starter
This round handle bullet starter has a classic design, is easy-to-use, and feels comfortable in the hand. Use it to start patched round balls, conical bullets, saboted bullets, and other projectiles.

Traditions Cleaning Jag .50 Cal. (brass) 10/32 threads
Screw this .50 Caliber Cleaning Jag on the end of your ramrod for a quick, easy way to clean your muzzleloader barrel.

Traditions Patch Puller Worm, .45 - .50 Cal.
When a cleaning patch gets caught in your muzzleloader bore, use the Traditions™ Patch Puller/Worm to get it out.

Traditions Ball Puller .45 - .54 (10/32 threads)
The sturdy metal bit bites into balls and patches for efficient removal. You can adjust the collar to change the depth of penetration into the ball or patch.

Universal Cleaning pick
The Universal Cleaning Pick from Traditions™ is perfect for cleaning nipple channels on percussion muzzleloaders or flash holes on flintlocks.

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