Essential Knots for Search and Rescue and Survival Pocket GuideItem Number: 9020-22
$10.99 $10.99
Made in the US
Essential Knots for Search and Rescue and Survival Pocket Guide

Essential Knots for Search and Rescue and Survival Pocket Guide

Item Number: 9020-22
$10.99 $10.99
Made in the US

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Never underestimate the importance of knots. A solid knot is vital in many situations including, bowhunting, camping, hiking, fishing, and survival situations. Search and Rescue (SAR) professionals know this too. That's why they study this important skill regularly, and carry the Essential Knots for Search and Rescue and Survival pocket guide.

This guide features step-by-step illustrations for many common knots. You'll also learn about litter lashing techniques, a very important skill for making stretchers to carry accident victims out of the wilderness. In addition, Essential Knots features information on basic anchors and improvised seat harnesses.

This lightweight portable guide is perfect for beginners or experts in need of a refresher. It is completely waterproof and measures 3¾" x 5½" folded, and 18½" x 11" unfolded. Features 19 pages of information, with instructions for tying 37 different knots.

Essential Knots - Knots covered

Clove Hitch Knot Girth Hitch Knot Munter/Italian Hitch Knot Prusik Hitch Knot Klemheist Knot Purcell Prusik Hitch Knot Trucker's Hitch Knot
Munter Mule Hitch Knot Super or Uber Munter Knot Radium Release Hitch Knot Overhand Knot Overhand Loop Knot Water Knot Fisherman Knot
Overhand Used as Stopper Grapevine Knot BowlineKnot Bowline Yosemite Finish Knot Bowline-on-the-Bight Knot Alpine Butterfly Knot Square Knot
Figure 8 Knot Figure 8 Follow Through Knot Figure 8 on a Bight Knot Inline 8 Knot Double Figure 8 on a Bight Knot Double Loop Inline Figure 8 Knot High Strength Tie-Off Knot
Wrap Three Pull Two Knot Basic Hitch Knot Expedient Sit Harness Improvised or Swiss Seat Harness Improvised Chest Harness Internal Lashing Internal Lashing Complete
External Lashing "Shoelace" "V-Bridles"

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm