Easton "BAR" Broadhead Alignment RingsItem Number: 6758X
$19.99 $19.99
Made in the US
Easton "BAR" Broadhead Alignment Rings

Easton "BAR" Broadhead Alignment Rings

Item Number: 6758X
$19.99 $19.99
Made in the US

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Easton Broadhead Alignment Rings are perfect for Easton carbon arrows. Easton designed them to provide a solid lockup and smooth transition between small diameter carbon arrows and your 11/32" diameter field points and broadheads. Machined aluminum for precision and strength.

When shooting field points or broadheads that are larger in diameter than your carbon arrows, you'll notice a small shoulder or "lip" where the shaft and point meet. This lip tears up your targets quickly, causing you to invest in new targets more often. By adding the Easton Broadhead Alignment Ring to your setup the arrow point-to-shaft transition is smooth and your archery targets last longer. That saves you money!

When used with broadheads you get a wider and more secure base of broadhead to shaft connection for improved strength.

Available in BAR3, BAR4, BAR5, BAR6, and BAR7. See sizing chart below. Weigh 2 grains each. Sold by the dozen.

BAR Sizing Chart
Shaft Model - Spine
Axis Traditional - 500, 600
5MM Axis - 500, 600, 700
5MM Full Metal Jacket - 500, 400
Axis Traditional - 400
5MM Axis - 400
Axis Traditional - 340
5MM Axis - 340
5MM Full Metal Jacket - 300, 340
5MM Axis - 300, 260
5MM Full Metal Jacket Dangerous Game - 300
6MM Full Metal Jacket - 470
6MM Full Metal Jacket Autumn Orange - 470
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm