Down Under Wool GloveItem Number: 4548X
$32.99 $32.99
Down Under Wool Glove

Down Under Wool Glove

Item Number: 4548X
$32.99 $32.99

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Possum is the new awesome! At least when it comes to keeping your hands warm and comfortable.

The Down Under Shooters Glove features a unique blend of Australian Possum Fur, Merino Wool, and Mulberry Silk.

Australian Possums are a different kind of animal than their North American cousins, the Opossum. Australian Possum fur is incredibly soft, featuring hollow fibers for better insulation.

Australian Brushtrail Possum
The common Brushtail Possum of Australia.

When blended with world famous Merino Wool and Mulberry Silk, you have a combination that's perfect for archers! The Down Under Shooters Glove keeps your hands warm and allows your fingers to move freely.

Possum Fur/Merino Wool is the perfect blend of comfort and warmth. The blend of 35% Australian Possum Fur, 55% Merino Wool, and 10% Mulberry Silk combines to create a light weight, warm product that archers will appreciate.

Merino sheep provide some of the finest, most resilient wool in the world. The Mulberry Silk provides added strength to the blend.

The Down Under Shooters Glove is perfect to use as a liner under your regular shooting glove. These fibers naturally breathe well while providing insulation.

Bring on the cold weather! Your Down Under Shooters Gloves are up to the challenge!

Comes in Brown (Mocha) color only. Available in Medium, Large, and X-Large. Please specify.

Glove Size Mens Size
Medium 8 - 9
Large 9 - 10
XLarge 10-½
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm