Dead-On Traditional Triple Feature DVDItem Number: 7543-1
$23.99 $23.99
Made in the US
Dead-On Traditional Triple Feature DVD

Dead-On Traditional Triple Feature DVD

Item Number: 7543-1
$23.99 $23.99
Made in the US

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Scott Antczak has a desire to help other traditional archers become deadly, accurate shots under any circumstance. He has proven he can do it by maintaining an undefeated of record of wins at every third party scored WBH shoot he entered since 1998! He had been sharing his unique shooting technique in one-on-one situations with anyone shooting a recurve bow or a longbow, but realized he needed to produce DVDs to reach the traditional archery masses.

Scott holds the titles of:
IFFA World Champion - Recurve Unaided
IBO Indoor World Champion - Recurve Unaided
IBO Traditional World Champion - Recurve Unaided
IBO Open World Champion - Recurve Unaided
IBO 3Rivers Archery Hunter's Challenge - First Place

Now you can benefit from Scott's knowledge and skill with this exciting and informative triple feature!

Dead On Traditional: CURE TARGET PANIC INSTANTLY. Learn how to setup and shoot with a clicker. Learn an upright form with total control. 3D demos and much more!

Dead On Conditioning: No wimps need apply! This one is serious. Become a stronger archer and get in shape for an Elk hunt. Scott demonstrates the importance of balancing mental and physical strength in pressure situations.

And finally, you'll see the principles of the first two DVDs put into action in the exciting bowhunting feature, Traditional Bowhunting Caribou.

    Dale Karch, President and Owner of 3Rivers Archery says, "Some of the best down-to-earth advice on traditional bow hunting and shooting. Even after forty plus years behind the bow I have picked up new tips to help me shoot better."

  • Scott Antczak shows how to become a deadly bowhunter
  • Techniques for recurves & longbows
  • Shooting form, practice techniques & more
  • Shooting in pressure situations
  • Exciting Caribou hunting feature
  • Approximately 116 minutes total
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm