Pathfinder Outdoor Survival Pocket GuidesItem Number: 9020-03X
$9.50 $9.50
Made in the US
Pathfinder Outdoor Survival Pocket Guides

Pathfinder Outdoor Survival Pocket Guides

Item Number: 9020-03X
$9.50 $9.50
Made in the US

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Renowned wilderness survival expert and television personality, Dave Canterbury, presents these thorough and concise pocket survival guides. Waterproof and portable, these survival guides can prove invaluable when bowhunting, camping, hiking, or exploring the wilderness. Each one was written by Dave Canterbury for his Pathfinder School, an organization dedicated to teaching field-tested and time-honored techniques in wilderness exploration and survival. Each 10 page guide is folded up for easy transport and storage. Measures 4" x 8¼".

Basic & Primitive Navigation:
Overflowing with information about assessing your situation, preparing to move, navigation techniques, assessing the terrain, and reading nature's signs. Specific tips include: using your watch face to determine direction, following waterways to find civilization, estimating daylight using your hands, magnetizing a needle to make an impromptu compass, and navigating using the moon and stars.

Improvised Hunting Weapons:
This guide instructs you how to create improvised tools and weapons from common wilderness items. You'll learn how to construct a cutting blade, simple throwing weapons, multi-use spears, direct contact weapons, bow & arrow, slingshots, cordage, and fishing gear. Includes tips and safety information about processing and consuming wild game.

Improvised Trapping:
If you ever find yourself in a survival situation, one of your most vital concerns is finding food. This guide is packed with useful information on constructing traps to capture or kill different kinds of animals. You'll learn where to find certain species of animal, what bait to use, and the use of basic knots and simple triggers.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm