Clod-Poppers™ Slingshot AmmoItem Number: 99471X
$8.50 $8.50 - $29.99
Clod-Poppers™ Slingshot Ammo

Clod-Poppers™ Slingshot Ammo

Item Number: 99471X
$8.50 $8.50 - $29.99

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Clod-Poppers™ are awesome! Use them instead of .44 caliber standard ammo to give your slingshot some extra "PoP!" They fly as true as any steel ammo, but burst on impact in a cloud of dust. Lots of fun, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly.

Clod-Poppers™ come in a variety of different colors, in bags of 200 or 1800. Use them just like regular slingshot ammo. When they burst they leave behind a mark so you can keep track of your score. The residue is harmless and will wash away with the next rain.

Use them for target practice, or just have fun "plinking" in the woods or backyard. You should treat them with the same care you would use with steel slingshot ammo. Always wear safety glasses and be wary of ricochets. Never aim Clod-Poppers™ at or near people.

Comes in a nifty burlap bag with string tie. Sold in packages of 200 or 1800 shots. Please specify.