Cartel Plate Magnetic ClickerItem Number: 3557
$21.99 $21.99
Cartel Plate Magnetic Clicker

Cartel Plate Magnetic Clicker

Item Number: 3557
$21.99 $21.99

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The Cartel Magnetic Clicker is a great tool to help make sure you are getting to full draw. Clickers are very popular with competitive target archers, as having flawless shooting form keeps you shooting at your best. A clicker works by riding next to your arrow and when the arrow fully passes the clicker bar the magnet pulls the bar until it "clicks" with the bow riser.

You mount the Cartel clicker to your bow's ATA Accessory holes (AMO sight holes). The mounting plate and clicker bar can be rotated for the perfect fit to your bow and for arrows of all lengths. The Cartel clicker has a 3" metal bar. For best fit, measure from the lowest ATA Accessory hole (AMO Sight hole) to where your arrow sits on the arrow rest. It should be less than 2½" for the best fit.

Aluminum mounting bracket and stainless steel clicker bar for durability and incredibly lightweight at 1 ounce so you won't even feel it on your bow. Get your shooting form intotop shape today. Put a clicker on your bow and see your consistency change right before your eyes.

TECH TIP: As a clicker needs to hit something when the arrow passes completely by, your arrow points will have to come inside the arrow shelf completely. That, or you need a bow that has a clicker bar.

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Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm