Carbon Express Archery Golf ArrowItem Number: 6979
$10.99 $10.99
Carbon Express Archery Golf Arrow

Carbon Express Archery Golf Arrow

Item Number: 6979
$10.99 $10.99

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The Carbon Express Golf Arrow adds more excitement to your adventures playing Archery Golf. Designed for use with the Universal Recurve bow, this extra arrow allows for everyone to join the fun.

The black fiberglass shaft comes with a securely mounted hard rubber yellow golf ball. Fletched with three Flu-Flu style feathers 3" in length for stability and greater visibility.

  • Maximum bow draw weight for us 29#.
  • Length 29½" (not including the golf ball).
  • Weighs approximately 1,200 grains.
  • Only for use with designated targets. Not to be shot at others. Misuse of product may result in injury or death.
  • Sold by the each.
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm