Camouflage Smart Phone Compatible Hunting GlovesItem Number: 71077
$15.50 $15.50
Camouflage Smart Phone Compatible Hunting Gloves

Camouflage Smart Phone Compatible Hunting Gloves

Item Number: 71077
$15.50 $15.50

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Modern bowhunters have many tools at their disposal. The most important is quite simply their very own hands. So keeping those hands protected against the elements while also ensuring full mobility and dexterity is vital. North Mountain Gear has devised a pair of camouflage hunting gloves that does just that.

These soft, comfortable polyester gloves feature palms and finger stalls with extra gripping power, giving you better traction when holding your bow during wet or slick conditions. The tips of the index fingers and thumbs are specially treated allowing you the fine dexterity needed to use your smart phone while bowhunting.

The gloves feature a classic camo pattern and are made from water resistant material. One size fits most. Sold by the pair.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm