Blitz Brass Practice Points, 3-packItem Number: 0966X
$21.99 $21.99
Blitz Brass Practice Points, 3-pack

Blitz Brass Practice Points, 3-pack

Item Number: 0966X
$21.99 $21.99

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Blitz 2-Blade Broadheads are devastating broadheads. Bowhunters like the precise German engineering that allows them to bring down big game fast.

So, it's important to keep these points hunting ready. That means practicing with Blitz Practice Points, so your Blitz Broadheads are spared undue wear and tear.

Blitz Practice Points are made from brass and weigh 225 grains. They're designed to simulate the weight and balance of your Blitz Broadheads. This allows you to practice with the same type of set-up you'll be using in the woods during hunting season.

Blitz Practice Points can be attached to your 4MM Tanged Stainless Steel Field Points or Arrow-Fix Screw-In Points (sold separately) to create the ultimate Blitz practice point. Or attachthem to any 11/32" wooden or bamboo shaft with a 5° taper.

The tip of the practice point is 55° allowing for easy penetration and removal from your favorite targets.

Measures approximately 1-5/8" long. Sold by the 3-pack.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm