Tillering Rope Fast Flight Plus with twisted endItem Number: 8496-1
$21.99 $21.99
Made in the US
Tillering Rope Fast Flight Plus with twisted end

Tillering Rope Fast Flight Plus with twisted end

Item Number: 8496-1
$21.99 $21.99
Made in the US

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New Design! This Fast Flight Plus® Tillering Rope features a Flemish twisted end to prevent unraveling and provide a better hold for the bowyers knot.

Tillering ropes are a must-have piece of bow building equipment and these Fast Flight Plus® tillering ropes are the best we've found anywhere. Whether you're building self bows, bamboo backed osage or hickory bows, or even fiberglass laminated longbows and recurves, you'll need to have a tillering rope to test the bending of the limbs during the tillering process.

We use Fast Flight Plus® string material for its excellent resistance to abrasion. Rough bow edges eventually destroy tillering ropes made of soft string material like B-50. Our top loop is even hand-served with ultra-tough braided Fast Flight® serving material. The bottom is pre-tied in a bowyers knot for your convenience. This all Fast Flight® construction produces the longest lasting tillering rope available. Make sure you include one in your bowmaking toolbox.

Note: Some folks call tillering ropes tillering strings, but since they are used only during the tillering process and not for actual shooting of the bow, we call them tillering ropes.

Keep the tillering rope waxed and twisted to prolong the life of the cord.
  • All Fast Flight construction outlasts other tillering ropes
  • Pre-tied bowyer's knot
  • Made in the USA
    Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm