Black Eagle X-Impact F.O.C.O.S. OutsertsItem Number: 681217X
$25.99 $25.99
Made in the US
Black Eagle X-Impact F.O.C.O.S. Outserts

Black Eagle X-Impact F.O.C.O.S. Outserts

Item Number: 681217X
$25.99 $25.99
Made in the US

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All great archers and bowhunters have "FOCOS." That's Black Eagle Arrows' "Front Of Center Outsert System" (FOCOS). This amazing system lets you adjust your FOC with ease!

The FOCOS system consists of three parts: a stainless steel outsert, an aluminum retention post, and a 3/32 allen head retention screw. When combined with your Black Eagle X-Impact shafts, the FOCOS outserts maximize your FOC and deliver deadly accuracy and performance shot-after-shot!

Plus, FOCOS outserts reinforce your Instinct shafts for superior durability.

All spines weigh 100 grains (all three components). Sold by the 6-pack (6 each of outsert, retention post, and retention screw). Offered for spines of 500, 400, 350, 300, 250, and 200. Please specify.

    1) Choose the correct spine outsert for the matching spine shaft
    2) Glue in the aluminum retention Post
    3) Slide the outsert over the shaft and spin test it
    4) For a better fit, use 100 grit sandpaper to lightly sand your shaft until the outsert fits snugly on the shaft. (Do not over sand. You want a snug fit.)
    5) Wipe debris from the shaft with a paper towel (Do not use cleaner)
    6) Repeat the spin test
    7) Use a sharpie to mark the shaft and outsert for accurate alignment
    8) Slide the outsert over the shaft and use the 3/32 retention screw to lock the insert in place

Black Eagle Instinct FOCUS Outsert installation

    If using glue, proceed with the first two steps, then do the following
  • Apply glue evenly around the shaft to ensure a solid hold
  • Rotate the outsert as you slide it onto the shaft, ensuring that the glue is evenly dispersed
  • Lock the outsert in place using the 3/32 retention screw
  • Stand the arrow on the nock end to allow the glue to dry
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm