Belgian Whetstone Sharpening AidItem Number: 5580X
$47.99 $47.99 - $51.99
Belgian Whetstone Sharpening Aid

Belgian Whetstone Sharpening Aid

Item Number: 5580X
$47.99 $47.99 - $51.99

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For centuries hunters have sharpened their blades using whetstones. It is a time-honored and effective way to keep a sharp edge on knives and broadheads.

The Belgian Whetstone is made from coticule, a natural stone mined in certain areas of Belgium. Coticule features millions of rounded garnet crystals, tiny abrasive particles which provide a very smooth edge to your blades. Garnet is nearly as hard as diamond, so these particles are a superior sharpening agent, cutting and polishing in the same stroke.

What makes the Belgian Whetstone different from other sharpening stones is the addition of water. This creates a very abrasive "milk," made from a mixture of water and garnet crystals. The round garnets polish the blade, giving it an extremely sharp edge.

Belgian Whetstones can be used on any kind of steel, including stainless, Damascus, and HSS. These are mounted stones and work best with a sharpening jig, such as the Lil' Shaver Broadhead Sharpener, Lansky Sharpener, and the KME Knife Sharpener.

Sliding rod measures approximately 10" long. Stones measure approximately 4" long x ¾" wide.

Available in 6,000 grit, or 8,000-10,000 grit. Please specify.
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm