Bearpaw Slip Over Rubber BluntsItem Number: 3185X
$16.50 $16.50
Bearpaw Slip Over Rubber Blunts

Bearpaw Slip Over Rubber Blunts

Item Number: 3185X
$16.50 $16.50

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For bustin' bunnies, small game hunting, or stump shooting, you can't beat rubber blunts. Bearpaw Rubber blunts are inexpensive, but tough.

Slip them on over standard field points. Bearpaw Rubber blunts do not require a taper on the arrow shaft, so they are great to use on arrows with broken tips.

The blunt damage is devastating on small game. These blunts will also survive hitting stumps, trees, rocks, and more without breaking or tearing (may take damage if mounted over another point).

Black color only. Sold by the dozen in 5/16" (110 grains; ±10) and 11/32" (160 grains). Please specify.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm