BCY Backstop NettingItem Number: 42872X
$259.99 $259.99 - $529.99
Made in the US
BCY Backstop Netting

BCY Backstop Netting

Item Number: 42872X
$259.99 $259.99 - $529.99
Made in the US

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If you're serious about target shooting, you need a serious backstop netting. That's why BCY, the archery industry leader in fiber technology, has created a reliable and resilient backstop manufactured from the latest quality fibers and materials.

A good backstop is important for both safety, and for arrow retrieval. BCY has ensured you get both with this polyester backstop netting made from flame retardant materials with ultraviolet resistance. This is the perfect backstop netting for both indoor and outdoor events.

Comes with hanging assembly, clips, cable, and tote bag for transport and storage.

This is an ideal backstop for youth archery shoots and events.

Available in sizes of 10' x 10', 20' x 10', and 30' x 10'. Please specify.

Please note: Colors for this product may vary, but are typically either white or green.

WARNING: The backstop is designed to hang loose and free, not taut. It is recommended that you order a net 20% larger than the area to be covered. Always ensure the area behind the backstop is clear before shooting. Do not use the BCY Backstop with high powered bows (over 50 pounds) or smaller diameter carbon arrows. This backstop is not designed as protection for people, animals, or property. Using this product in any way other than its intended purpose may result in injury or death.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm