BCY 8125 Bow String Material 1/8#Item Number: 86241X
$42.99 $42.99
Made in the US
BCY 8125 Bow String Material 1/8#

BCY 8125 Bow String Material 1/8#

Item Number: 86241X
$42.99 $42.99
Made in the US

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Add some speed and power to your string building! BCY 8125 bow string material is made from 92% SK75 Dyneema® fiber. It's incredibly durable, as well as UV, chemical, and abrasion resistant. Perfect for all shooting levels, from Olympic archery competition to rough-and-tumble backyard adventures.

BCY 8125 bow string material has a smaller diameter, allowing you to build bow strings that will achieve higher speeds. It's easy to work with, and features very low creep. Comes in a variety of solid colors. See the dropdown menu for options.

This string material is of the highest quality and is trusted by professional Olympic shooters to provide greater power and speed. You'll be hard pressed to find a better material to use on your own bow strings.

Recommended 18 to 22 strands for best performance on recurve bows. Sold in 1/8# spools (approximately 1,025 feet).
  • Available in solid colors
  • SK75 Dyneema® fiber forstrength and durability
  • Recommended strands: 18-22 for recurves
  • Approx 1,025 ft per 1/8# spool
  • Spool sizes: 1/8 lb

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm