Backcountry® Meat BagsItem Number: 9238X
$47.99 $47.99
Backcountry® Meat Bags

Backcountry® Meat Bags

Item Number: 9238X
$47.99 $47.99

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These Backcountry® Meat Bags from Allen Company will get your game from the forest to the freezer!

These meat bags are designed to hold and preserve meat while you pack your trophy out of the woods. Allen Game Bags keep dirt and debris off your valuable meat. The breathable fabric wicks moisture to discourage bacteria and help with preservation.

Backcountry® Meat Bags are 100% washable, and have drawstring closures for added security. Includes a carry bag.

Available in 20" x 30" for deer, sheep, antelope, and other large game, or in 28" x 50" for bigger game like elk, moose, and caribou. Sold by the 4-pack.
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm