Arrow Dynamics Stinger Series Black Shaft Test KitItem Number: 6790-63
$21.99 $21.99
Made in the US
Arrow Dynamics Stinger Series Black Shaft Test Kit

Arrow Dynamics Stinger Series Black Shaft Test Kit

Item Number: 6790-63
$21.99 $21.99
Made in the US

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The Arrow Dynamics Stinger Series Black Shaft Test Kit allows you to find the perfect spine arrow for your set-up. Comes with one spine each of 500, 400, and 330.

The 100% carbon shaft is a .246" inside diameter at the point end for the first 13" and tapers to a .165" ID at the nock end. Includes 17 grain aluminum inserts and white Bohning 'F' nocks.

Point end works with all .246" components (such as 5/16" brass inserts) and the nock end works with Easton G nocks or Bohning F nocks. Made in the USA.

  • .246" inside diameter for the first 13", then tapers to .165"
  • Made in USA
  • ±.003 straightness
  • Built in EFOC weight (extreme front of center)
  • Works with most popular 5/16" components
  • Good arrow flight through a wide range of bow weights with same spine arrow
  • Quick recovery due to parallel to taper design
  • Black Carbon Finish
  • One spine each 500, 400, and 330

Have 3Rivers Archery cut your shafting to length and install your inserts to make it easier for you to get right to shooting when you get your order.

See Printable Arrow Selection Chart PDF

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