Arrow Dynamics Carbon Bowfishing ArrowItem Number: 1599X
$12.99 $12.99
Made in the US
Arrow Dynamics Carbon Bowfishing Arrow

Arrow Dynamics Carbon Bowfishing Arrow

Item Number: 1599X
$12.99 $12.99
Made in the US

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The Arrow Dynamics Carbon Fish shaft is 100% carbon and 100% American made. The nock fits in the back end and is setup for Bohning Signature Press-In Nocks. At a whopping 32 GPI, these strong, heavy shafts will give you the power you need to penetrate the toughest scales.

These shafts are perfect for all depths of bowfishing, and their simple matte black carbon design is a great way to keep the attention on what really matters - bowfishing! Spines .150" deflection (carbon/aluminum arrow charts), measures approximately 32" long, 5/16" diameter, and weighs approximately 1,024 grains.

Point Spine Weight Length Insert Nock
5/16 150 32 GPI 32" N/A Designed for Bohning Signature Press-In Nocks
Straightness  ±.375"        Weight  ± N/A

Services Available
Install Fish Point:  Our experienced staff will install your selected bowfishing point at no extra charge. Simply select your bowfishing point point from the drop down menu above. Then select the "Install Fish Point" option. By default we will install the point on the full length arrow. If you would like to request your shaft be cut first, please include a comment on your order during checkout. Allow an additional business day for your order to be processed.

Install Safety Slide:  If you select the install an AMS Safety Slide option we will install the safety slide and nock before shipping.

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Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm