3Rivers Arrow Wraps Arrow EnhancersItem Number: 7979X
$14.99 $14.99 - $16.99
Made in the US
3Rivers Arrow Wraps Arrow Enhancers

3Rivers Arrow Wraps Arrow Enhancers

Item Number: 7979X
$14.99 $14.99 - $16.99
Made in the US

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Instant arrow cap dips! No paint, no fumes, and no waiting! Just peel off the protective backing and wrap around the arrow shaft. Aluminum, carbon, or wood, it works on all arrows. Arrow Cap wraps not only make your arrows look good, they make it easier to fletch and allow for easy re-fletching.

Use any fletching cement with confidence (EXCEPT Duco or Nitrocellulose). We recommend Fletch-Tite Platinum. Packaged 12 wraps per package. The Arrow Wraps measure 7" long and are wide enough to fit on a 23/64" diameter arrow (1-5/8" wide).

Solid Color arrow cap wraps offer the look of a crown dipped arrow (also referred to as cap dipped) in brilliant colors. We offer (listed in-order) white, red, fl-orange, orange, yellow, fl-yellow, green, blue, purple, hot pink, and black.

The Reflective white and yellow arrow wraps are worth every penny if you have to go back to a shot site after dark to find your arrow. When you shine your flashlight on them after dark, they glow! Never lose another arrow at dusk again.

3R Tiger-Striped cap wraps give your arrows some attitude. These tiger-striped cap wraps are wild! If you've been looking for a quick and easy way to spice up your arrows, give these a try. Have the 3Rivers Archers (no company name) on the top bar.

Clear cap wraps are for those who LOVE the look of a natural shaft and having trouble getting your fletchings to stick. or want easy re-fletching. Try the clear cap wraps and be enjoy the natural beauty of your arrow shaft with the strong hold a cap wrap offers.

  • Installation Tip: Roll on a soft mouse pad to install.
  • CAUTION: Do not use alcohol stain under these wraps. The adhesive can pull color through the wrap.
  • Removal Tip: Boil water and hold your cap wrapped part of the arrow in the steam. This loosens the adhesive hold and makes it easier to peel off.
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm