Arrow Analyzer Spine TesterItem Number: 5632
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Arrow Analyzer Spine Tester

Arrow Analyzer Spine Tester

Item Number: 5632
$259.99 $259.99

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If you're serious about your arrows, the Arrow Analyzer from Bearpaw USA is for you!

This amazing device is a spine tester, grain scale, and straightness checker all in one. Plus, it has an easy to read digital screen, with a detailed readout of the static spine, gram & grain weight, and straightness tolerance of parallel arrows.

The BearPaw Arrow Analyzer works with all arrow materials of carbon, wood, and aluminum up to 23/64" diameter and at least 26" in length. Measures in 1 grain increments from approx. 16 grains up to 1,541 grains.

For measuring static spine, the Arrow Analyzer displays both industry standards. AMO spine, common for wood arrows, that is displayed in pounds (approx. measures in a range of 11-125#). ASTM spine (American Society for Testing and Materials), common for carbon and aluminum arrows, that shows deflection in a decimal (approx. measures from 2500 to 250 deflection).

Very compact and easy to transport in the provided carryingcase. A great device that allows you to find the stiff side on your wood, carbon, or aluminum arrows, giving you more consistent arrow flight.

Use it before you cut your arrows so you can determine how straight the ends of your arrows are. Build the straightest arrows ever!

Weight match your arrows for shooting competitions and serious bowhunting!

You can also weigh your components, such as screw-in or glue-on points/broadheads, or inserts. Minimum weight is 16 grains. Maximum weight is 1500 grains.

Measures approximately 26 ¼" long. Comes with a protective carrying case with padded foam interior. Includes instruction booklet.

  • Measures the static spine of an arrow
  • Displays spine in AMO or ASTM
  • Measures the weight of an arrow
  • Displays weight in grains or grams
  • Display results stay on screen until a new arrow is placed on the device
  • Supports spine measuring from two sides
  • Displays a straightness indicator value
  • Weighs individual arrow points (16 grains minimum)
  • Automatic zero correction
  • Bright OLED Display
  • USB data output
  • Aluminum housing with stainless steel arrow rests

Click here to download the Arrow Analyzer Operations Manual

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm