Anti-Microbial Game Bags 4-packItem Number: 6527X
$29.99 $29.99 - $37.99
Made in the US
Anti-Microbial Game Bags 4-pack

Anti-Microbial Game Bags 4-pack

Item Number: 6527X
$29.99 $29.99 - $37.99
Made in the US

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Everything about hunting requires caution and preparation. That includes field dressing and quartering the game.

These Anti-Microbial Game Bags help you reduce bacteria and other harmful organisms eight times more than standard game bags. That makes these bags a vital piece of gear for preserving valuable meat.

Made from a cotton/poly blend, Anti-Microbial Game Bags are treated with a proprietary combination of flavorless acids taken from fruits and other all natural bacterial inhibitors. Also repels egg laying insects. Perfect for warm weather conditions, when bacteria and insects are most active.

Moose (XXL): Will fit the cut up quarters of a moose, bison, elk or similarly sized animal. Measures 12" wide x 52" long. Will stretch to 42" wide x 68" long.

Elk (XL): Four extra-large stretch fitting bags that will easily fit the cut up quarters of a trophy elk or similarlysized animal. Measure approximately 10" wide x 48" long each. Will stretch to 24" wide x 60" long.

Deer (L): These stretch fitting 8" wide x 40" long bags are perfect for carrying deer quarters and other large animal quarters.

Keep your meat fresh from forest to freezer with Koola Buck Anti-Microbial Game Bags! Available in Moose (XXL), Elk (XL), and Deer (L). Please specify. Sold by the 4 pack.
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm