Animal Trackers Guides (3-pack)Item Number: 9020-17
$19.99 $19.99
Made in the US
Animal Trackers Guides (3-pack)

Animal Trackers Guides (3-pack)

Item Number: 9020-17
$19.99 $19.99
Made in the US

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A key part of bowhunting is knowing the signs and tracks of your prey. This set of three guides gives you vital information for identifying the tracks and signs of different species. You'll be armed with the most effective hunting gear of all... knowledge!

    Each set includes:

    Animal Skulls & Bones
    This guide features illustrations and information on the bones and skulls of many common North American species of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. You'll also learn how to identify different antlers and horns. Plus, there is useful information on cleaning and preserving bones and skulls. Features a 21 inch/54 centimeter ruler printed along the bottom.

    Animal Tracks
    This guide gives you detailed illustrations and information of different North American animals and their corresponding tracks. There is a section on scat and other signs to help you track down even the most elusive of animals. Features an 8 inch ruler printed along the side for measuring tracks.

    Animal Tracking
    This guide has detailed information on feeding signs, nesting sites, droppings, and other signs. There is also a large section on North American animal tracks with habitat maps, and information on making plaster casts. Plus, there is a 21 inch/54 centimeter ruler printed along the bottom.

All three guides are laminated to make them extra durable and waterproof. Each has 11 pages packed with useful information and detailed illustrations. That's 33 pages of vital knowledge to help you stay literally one step ahead of your prey.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm