AMS Water Moc™ Bowfishing Bow KitItem Number: 5571
$349.99 $349.99
Made in the US
AMS Water Moc™ Bowfishing Bow Kit

AMS Water Moc™ Bowfishing Bow Kit

Item Number: 5571
$349.99 $349.99
Made in the US

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Put the big fish on notice with the AMS Water Moc™ Bowfishing Recurve Bow Kit!

This kit features everything you need to get on the water for bowfishing adventures. All that's missing is the fish!

The AMS Water Moc™ takedown bowfishing bow is made for life on the water! The limbs are sealed to be water resistant for years of bowfishing triumphs.

The lightweight Magnesium Riser was designed by AMS with the rigors of bowfishing in mind, yet stylish and sleek with the exclusive green koi accents. Features a comfortable non-slip grip for hours of bowfishing enjoyment.

The kit also includes the AMS Retriever® TNT Bowfishing reel. The AMS Retriever® TNT mounts easily and securely to the Water Moc™ recurve using the AMO sight holes (ATA Accessory holes). The mounting clamp allows for perfect positioning of your AMS bowfishing reel. Adjust forward, backward, up and down with the turn of a thumb screw. Themounting clamp also features a single arrow quiver, for holding your bowfishing arrow securely when not using it.

Also includes the durable AMS Tidal Wave® Rest, for keeping your arrow in place for any shot!

Speaking of arrows, AMS has included a Chaos® Color Infused fiberglass bowfishing arrow with Chaos® Point and Cyclone® Tip. This is a sturdy bowfishing arrow with a powerful fish point designed to penetrate tough scales. The barbs pivot to hold the fish and release by loosening the tip. An AMS Safety Slide® is pre-installed on the arrow.

Also includes bow string with finger savers installed, limb bolts, 25 yards of high visibility 200# braided Dacron line, and mounting hardware for the AMS Retriever® TNT reel.

Sold in Right Handed only.
    Bow Specification
  • Draw Weight: 45 pounds at 28" draw
  • Bow AMO length: 58", with string length of54"
  • Brace Height: 7¾"
  • Weight: 2½ pounds (bow only)

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm